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STLCOP Storage Plans

Are you tired of hauling all of your belongings back and forth each year as you move home for the summer/winter? Hazzard Moving & Storage and The Residence Life Department have teamed up to offer a STLCOP Summer Storage option.

  • For on-campus students, the cost is $490.00 for the Summer Storage The cost is $690.00 for the combined Winter and Storage Program.
  • You can store up to 15 (An example of an item is a box or a piece of furniture). Hazzard Moving will pick up your belongings from your room, store them for the summer, and then return them to our new room before you return. If you are an athlete or an RA, please call 2 weeks in advance of arrival to schedule your delivery.

Additional Fees

  • For each additional item above the maximum of 15, a $20.00 per item charge will apply
  • If no inventory is submitted, a $30.00 inventory fee will apply
  • Off-campus pick up or delivery is $60.00 each
  • Couches, Futons, or Extra large items are additional $50.00 each
  • A $50.00 late fee will be assessed, if your account is not paid within 30 days after pick up. An additional $60.00 fee will be assessed if your account is not paid by August 5th and we need to make a special delivery of your goods.

STLCOP Summer Storage Procedures

All items need to be packed into boxes with lids. This includes mirrors, TVs, and artwork. Furniture and refrigerators do NOT need to be packed into boxes. Rugs need to be rolled and taped. Plastic storage bins need to be taped.

Pressed wood furniture and other “IKEA” type furniture should be disassembled before we arrive. If these items are not disassemble, we will still move them, but we will not accept liability. (This type of furniture is not made to be moved when assembled)

Please mark on the side of every box and place a sticker-label (obtainable from The Office of Residence Life) on each piece of furniture. Place your name and corresponding inventory number on the label.

Submit your inventory online and print a copy for your records. Leave all items for storage in the center of your room and lock the door. We will pick up your storage items after you are gone. A STLCOP representative will accompany us at each pick up location. Make sure we have a phone number where you can be reached. If there are any discrepancies with your inventory, we will attempt to contact you immediately.

Your belongings will be delivered in August before you return. Therefore all payments must be received by August 5th. If payment is not made, your belongings will be held until your account is paid in full.

If payment is made with insufficient funds, an additional $30.00 charge will apply. We sell boxes. You would need to pick them up from our warehouse dock located at: Hazzard Moving & Storage Co.

3728 Market St., Ste: 170 St. Louis, MO 63110

You can use your own boxes to box up your items. All boxes must have lids and be a reasonable size for what is being packed in the box. (Smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter, bulkier items)



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