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When it comes to your next move, why do you need a moving company in St. Louis Missouri? Here in the Midwest, we’re known for our friendly, helpful ways. Most of the time, all you have to do is put out there that you need help and you’ll have your friends and relatives asking what they can do. People will start saving boxes for you from work, others will come over and help you pack up your things. For the cost of a few pizzas and some cold drinks, you’ll even have people loading up their cars with your things and taking them on over to your new place. As good as all that sounds, it doesn’t always work out quite that easily; more often it ends with horror stories, harsh feelings and ruined friendships. Those reason alone explain why you need a moving company in St. Louis Missouri! But even if you don’t believe all that, there are some very practical reasons to consider hiring the professionals to handle your upcoming relocation.

Drive by the dumpsters behind most businesses and you’ll see boxes piling up. It only makes good sense to have some of those boxes pulled aside for your move! After all, not only is it more environmentally sound to reuse and recycle, but it’s free! Unfortunately, once a box has been used, it’s structure instantly weakens. It becomes less sturdy and more prone to buckling or breaking. Add in the possible exposure to temperature changes and moisture, along with the possibility of insects or pests nesting inside of it, and your free cardboard box suddenly becomes a less desirable choice. Choosing a moving company in St. Louis Missouri who uses top quality packing products will ensure that these are issues you never have to deal with during your move.  That peace of mind is better than all the free, recycled cardboard boxes in the world!

It’s not just the packing materials, but the packing itself that can make or break your moving experience. A moving company in St. Louis that uses a professional staff that is trained to properly pack up your belongings will help you breathe easier knowing that your things will make it safely to the next stop. That way, when the boxes are hauled onto the truck, you’ll know that your fragile items will be properly secured and your furniture will be protected from dents and dings, guarantees that your well-meaning friends can’t make! Plus the experienced and cautious drivers employed at a quality moving company in St. Louis Missouri are skilled at operating large moving trucks, so you know that your belongings will be transported safely and securely. You and your friends can relax, and not worry about who’s responsible for driving your things across town!

One of the best things about living in the Midwest is the friendly, helpful people! Someone is always willing to lend a hand and help out whenever you ask. But when it comes to the big job of moving, hiring a moving company in St. Louis Missouri can be the best choice for securing your move, and your friendships! Hazzard Moving and Storage has been your hometown moving company in St. Louis for over 80 years, combining professional, quality moving services, with that Midwestern courtesy and customer service that you’re accustomed to. Trusting your move with Hazzard Moving and Storage gives you peace of mind so you, and your friends, can sit back and enjoy the excitement of your new place!

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Anyone can write on their website that they are a reliable and secure moving company, but that’s not always enough. Hiring a moving company shouldn’t add stress to the already overwhelming thought of moving!  Hazzard Moving and Storage has an A+ BBB rating and a St. Louis moving company with over 80 years of experience, providing quality, secure, and trustworthy moving and storage services. With a long line of happy, satisfied customers, experience, and recognition, the choice for the right moving company is a breeze!

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