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In our lifetime, most of us move a lot! From moving out of our parent’s house, to college, to home again, to our own place, to a starter house, to the house that we make our home, there’s a lot of packing and unpacking, storing and hauling involved. With all of that moving, you need to make sure that you start with a safe, reliable moving company, making connections that will take you from your first move to your last. When it comes to moving and storage in St. Louis, Hazzard Moving and Storage has been the company that you can count on since 1932.

For over 80 years, we’ve been providing reliable, consistant customer service to make your move smooth, easy, and even enjoyable!

We know that you have many options available to you for moving and storage in St. Louis, that’s why we aim to provide you with all the moving and storage services you need, while also providing top notch customer service! Your moving experience starts with meeting with one of our professional, courteous, and qualified moving consultants. That way we can learn about your moving and storage wants and needs, what your expectations are, and we can work together to set up a plan for your move.

Once we have a plan, it’s time to put it in action! We use high-quality materials to wrap and pack up all your belongings, ensuring that it will arrive at your destination undamaged.

Our trained moving team uses top-quality equipment to haul your boxes, furniture, and appliances securely on our clean and impeccibly maintained moving trucks, keeping your belongings safe and secure as they are transported.

In addition to providing you with a smooth, easy moving experience, we also can provide you with a safe place to store your belongings while you transition your life! Our temperature-controlled storage units are top-of-the-line, securely located to ensure that your personal items are safe and undisturbed until you’re ready for them. We even have specially designed programs for storing the belongings of students attending nearby universities as well! That way your SLU, Maryville, or Washington University student can keep their things safely and securely stored until they need them again! Best of all, regardless of your storage needs, you can have one, reliable company take care of it all!

Moving and Storage in St. Louis

Hazzard Moving and Storage in St. louis has been providing professional service to you for over 80 years. With experience and expertise on our side, we can assure you that your moving and storage needs will be taken care of, giving you the peace of mind you need. With our qualified moving consultants, trained packers and movers, and secure storage facilities, we can take the stress out of your move, leaving you to enjoy the prospect of your new adventure!

Anyone can write on their website that they are a reliable and secure moving company, but that’s not always enough. Hazzard Moving and Storage has an A+ BBB rating and a moving and a company that specializes in moving and storage in St. louis with over 80 years of experience, providing quality, secure, and trustworthy moving and storage services. With a long line of happy, satisfied customers, experience, and recognition, the choice for the right moving company is a breeze!

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