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Moving isn’t all about boxing your things up, it’s also about hauling out the bigger items and securing them for the ride! That’s where local furniture movers in St. Louis can help! It doesn’t matter if you’re moving on the other side of the neighborhood or across the city, chances are you don’t have what it takes to secure and move the heavy things in your home. It takes more than a truck and a little bit of muscle to ensure that your valuables don’t get damaged; it takes high-quality materials, top-of-the-line equipment, and skilled movers to safely insulate, haul, secure and move your furniture. Fortunately that’s just what local furniture movers in St. Louis like Hazzard Moving and Storage do every day! With reliable customer service and over 80 years of experience, Hazzard Moving and Storage can take care of the heavy hauling for you, leaving you to look forward to your new adventure.

Local furniture movers in St. Louis have a big responsibility: safely transporting your precious cargo! That’s a responsibility that we take very seriously at Hazzard Moving and Storage. We know how to maneuver around the traffic, construction, back roads, and ever-changing weather that our city is known for…because we’ve been doing this since 1932! We use only the best packing materials to safely wrap up your furniture, saving it from any dents and dings along the way. Once your belongings are protected, we then haul them out, professionally securing your items in our impeccably maintained moving vehicles, ensuring that your furniture won’t be knocked around, scratched or nicked as we handle your move. We take our job very seriously, delivering your furniture to your new home in just the same condition in which it left your old one.

When it comes to moving, hauling your furniture is one of the biggest jobs to tackle. Luckily, you don’t have to! With Hazzard Moving and Storage on your team, you’ll have the local furniture movers in St. Louis that you can trust. Trained, skilled professionals with a long-standing reputation of customer satisfaction and over 80 years in the St. Louis area, who are equipped to handle any challenge, no matter what the city brings! At Hazzard Moving and Storage, let our local furniture movers in St. Louis do the work for you, making sure that your furniture is safe, secure, and undamaged in your move. Letting us worry about handling your move, means you don’t have to!

Local Furniture Movers in St. Louis

Anyone can write on their website that they are a reliable and secure moving company, but that’s not always enough. Hiring a moving company shouldn’t add stress to the already overwhelming thought of moving!  Hazzard Moving and Storage has an A+ BBB rating and a St. Louis moving company with over 80 years of experience, providing quality, secure, and trustworthy moving and storage services. With a long line of happy, satisfied customers, experience, and recognition, the choice for the right moving company is a breeze!

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