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“Buy local!”, “Shop local!”, “Support local businesses!” This time of year it’s hard to go anywhere and not hear this, or at least see it posted somewhere along the way! Driving through Kirkwood, it’s easy to see that this is a community that is built around small businesses, and it’s only natural to want to do your part to help keep their doors open and the area thriving. But when it comes to supporting your community, does it really apply to large businesses like moving companies? When you’re looking for a Kirkwood moving company to help you with your upcoming move, is it really so important to go with a local company instead of one of the big names you hear about? Why choose local when you can have the backing of a national company for your move?

St. Louis is a unique place with a lot of smaller communities surrounding the city, giving you a lot of options to keep supporting small businesses, while still having a variety of companies to choose from! Not only do small businesses help the community by keeping the money in your own backyard, but they are owned by the people around you; sometimes going back several generations! They are your friends, neighbors, and colleagues who support the local trivia nights, donate to the fundraisers, and help establish and support the programs in your area. They are committed to giving you the care and consideration that goes with doing business with real people, not just a corporation; and you get the benefit of dealing with people who are invested in your area, familiar with the weather, traffic, and other issues that are unique to the St. Louis area and may have an impact on your move. Choosing a Kirkwood moving company that knows your area, knows the ins and outs of the surrounding city and county, and is established and well-respected really can make a difference! Where you live is where those business owners live and work, too, keeping them vested in making sure that the community is completely satisfied with the services they provide.

Kirkwood Moving Company

When you’re looking for a Kirkwood moving company, reliability is key. You want someone who will be there, when they say they will, and who will do what they committed to do. Who better to rely on than a moving company that has a personal investment in your town? Hazzard Moving and Storage has been committed to supporting and serving the entire St. Louis community since 1932, giving you over 80 years of experience and resources, along with a reassurance that you’ll be working with a company that will be there long after your move is finished. With a long-standing history of exemplary customer service, as well as an active participant in supporting community events, Hazzard Moving and Storage is the local Kirkwood moving company you can count on every step of the way.

Anyone can write on their website that they are a reliable and secure moving company, but that’s not always enough. Hiring a moving company shouldn’t add stress to the already overwhelming thought of moving!  Hazzard Moving and Storage has an A+ BBB rating and a St. Louis moving company with over 80 years of experience, providing quality, secure, and trustworthy moving and storage services. With a long line of happy, satisfied customers, experience, and recognition, the choice for the right moving company is a breeze!

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